Ride2work day: creating an E-learning Resource


Once again we have been tasked with creating an E-learning resource for the Bicycle Network Australia. This time the resource is to be aimed at employees of a business based around the National Ride2Work Day Initiative. National Ride2Work Day has the goal of kick-start a regular riding habit in Australia with this one-day active event. Normalising cycling as a commute option has numerous benefits to the rider as well as for the environment.

Part 1: Research

Friday Sprints
Due to missing classes thanks to a string of public holidays we had a catch up day full of oversized pieces of paper, sticky notes and sharpies. The purpose of the day was to learn more about personas, target groups, set goals and objectives as well as coming up with interesting ways to present content to our users. The day involved brainstorming in mixed groups and sharing ideas.
First we looked at personas. Ben introduced the “persona matrix.” This is basically an x and y graph which has 2 variables. Personas can then be placed at a point of the graph and you can can create areas which could be possible ‘target groups.’ With a larger scale project a lot of research could be completed to back up decisions about where each persona fits within the matrix. We ran through two matirxs with Ben in order to grasp the concept before making one on our own.

Matrix 1, Matrix 2 and Matrix 3
The Today Show posts article about proposed new cycling regulations
  1. On a scale of 1–10, how confident are you when riding on the roads in and around he city?
  2. What might deter you from riding or decrease your confidence?
  3. On a scale of 1–10, how would you rate your road rule knowledge?
  4. If you knew more specific bike riding rules would this increase your confidence?
  5. What is a strong bike riding memory for you?
  1. 6–7, It depends on how busy the road is.
  2. Busy and unsafe roads, particularly where there is a lack of driver awareness about bicycles or where there are a lot of pedestrians. Sydney road is particularly bad for this. I also avoid areas where other cyclists have died or had accidents or if the road quality is bad. If I have heard it is unsafe in the area or the traffic is heavy I will be deterred from riding.
  3. I basically apply my knowledge from driving to riding a bike, so around an 8–9
  4. Yeah actually. I could quite possibly feel more confidence when I’m on a road without bike lanes. Sometimes I don’t know if it is appropriate for me to ride on the footpath if it feels safer, or if I should cross the road with the walking traffic, where to be on the road when attempting certain turns etc.
  5. A strong memory for me is when I was learning to ride on the little blue bicycle with the mud guard. Dad would help me and hold onto my back as I’d say go faster, faster, faster. I remember when he let go and I realised that the training wheels would hold me up.
Over 50% of those tested take between 30 minutes to an hour to get to work
Those interviewed used a range of transport
The majority of those surveyed have access to a bike
Goals, specs and objectives group brainstorm

Part 2: Concepts

With my persona ready I need to come up with ideas of how I want my E-learning resource to be.
I was pretty unhappy with any ideas that myself or my groups came up with during the Friday sprints. I feel this was because the length of the day and the fact I hadn’t nailed my persona yet. I tried sticking sticky notes up around my room summarising each of the questions I asked in the survey as well as solutions for any issues raised. Imagine my room looking a little like this

The mass of sticky notes I imagined I wrote out (this is not correct)
Scribbly brainstorm of ideas for E-learning resource
Story board showing the links between screens
Questions for each step arranged

Part 3- Creation

Creating the resource
Creating the resource was quite a challenge. It took more time than I expected due to coding it. Ben was a huge help and was able to make the resource work and look how I had wanted it to. I was able to code each page and adapt the template to the new image easily. I styled the webpage as desired.

E-learning resource
Editing the game content in firefox browser
Generating XML script for each questionaire
Example of how the information stacks in the aside
Hyperlink underline present

Part 4: Testing and evaluation

I planned to run a series of user tests to figure out if my resource meets all requirements.

Questions used to learn more about the tester and if they are suitable for the resource
Post survey
Ride safe!

Jessie Newton is a problem solver, thinker and explorer. She currently works on User Experience and graphic design projects.

Jessie Newton is a problem solver, thinker and explorer. She currently works on User Experience and graphic design projects.