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A creative solution encouraging local coastal communities to take action and help preserve their coastal environment.

The Nitty Gritty

Client: Adobe x Rip Curl Australia
Project Timeline: 14th — 16th August 2020
Team: Jessie Newton, Rohan Gerrard & Eleisha Kubale

Summary: For this project, we created an app aimed at engaging tourists with coastal preservation and sustainability practises using Adobe Xd. The app takes users through a day trip to Torquay and provides them with choices and information about how to make that experience sustainable.

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The Beach Please Team — Exploring conservation through personality

Client’s Expectations

Adobe Creative Jam aims to provide students with the opportunity to solve real-world issues through designing experiences that bring ideas to life. The Jam is a virtual event running over the course of 3 days, with client briefs, skill-building sessions and feedback. …

Myki is your ticket to travel on Melbourne’s trains, trams and buses. Myki was completely rolled out across the metro public transport system in late 2012, waving goodbye to the previous Met-card system. Since this date, Myki been plagued with issues with users of the reusable smart card experiencing ups and downs with the system ever since. I have been tasked with coming up with solutions on how to improve the system and fix some common issues with the Myki System.

Overview of the Brief

I have been asked to examine and improve the Myki system. To do this I must identify and research difficulties that people face during their current public transport experience and how Myki interacts with this. It will be important to identify what is working well and what people think will make the system better. Ultimately my goal is to improve peoples experiences with the public transport system across Melbourne and Victoria. …

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Once again we have been tasked with creating an E-learning resource for the Bicycle Network Australia. This time the resource is to be aimed at employees of a business based around the National Ride2Work Day Initiative. National Ride2Work Day has the goal of kick-start a regular riding habit in Australia with this one-day active event. Normalising cycling as a commute option has numerous benefits to the rider as well as for the environment.

Before commencing this project it is really important to consider what went well last time and what didn’t. In the last project a lack of attention to detail let down some aspects of the blog as well as our prototype. Taking additional time to just read over information and ‘beef’ it out could be greatly beneficial, also allowing time to test things multiple times. This testing needs to be done personally as well as by someone else to pick up any errors before going into the final user tests. Any errors that did occur in our last resource could basically be fixed ‘on site’ or the test, simply re-uploading links, or changing how they linked. It was a bit frustrating to open parts of the resource and there be really fixable mistakes. I think overall the visual of our design was really strong, but spending more time storyboarding the the project would have saved time. I spent a lot of running through the prototype and then realising there wasn’t a consistent back button, or maybe that page needs a help button. Doing a more detailed storyboard and flowchart could have assisted in making our design more consistent. …


Jessie Newton is a problem solver, thinker and explorer. She currently works on User Experience and graphic design projects.

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